Tomato is one of the fleshy and red vegetables

Tomato is one of the fleshy and red vegetables. The red color of tomatoes is due to the presence of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant in it. The taste of tomatoes usually varies between sour and sweet. These plants contain a large number of edible seeds.
Tomatoes can be used raw or cooked. Tomatoes are used in cooking a variety of foods, salads, soups, pizzas and sauces, in addition to the production of tomato paste and canned food. Cooked tomatoes have more nutritional value because heat releases lycopene.
The most important benefits of tomatoes are reducing the risk of heart disease and protecting the skin and eyes from damage caused by sunlight. The lycopene in tomatoes also helps reduce the risk of various cancers. The use of tomatoes is essential for pregnant women because tomatoes protect babies against neural tube defects.
If the tomato is not fully ripe, it can be stored at room temperature and away from sunlight. But for long-term storage of ripe tomatoes, it is better to put them in the refrigerator.
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