Apple Fruit




Apple is from the malics genders of Rasacea family. There are several types of apples in the world. Among the most famous types in the world which have high export values long storage lives and large production outputs are the two red and yellow Libanese types known as Golden Delicious and Red Delicious. They belong to mild to cold climates and are grown in large quantities around the bases of Iranian mountaine. They're both highly nutritions and have excellent markets inside and outside of Iran.

nutritional contents of apples: apples are high in vitamins A / B / and C / and mineral such as calcium / iron / phosphorus / potassium / and sodium.

Apples also have an important substance known as Quercetin which is from the family of Flavanods and its antioxidant quality can help eliminate free Radicals such as anion sugar acides and singular oxygens and stop the activities of metalic ions. Quercetine also stops the oxidization and cellurals. Toxcation of the bad colestrols (LDL) and reduces heart problems. It can reduce the risk of cancer by destroying active generating substances and cancer causing factors.

Also another interesting point is that in 1993 apples were known to be the highest in sugar content of all fruits. 

Studies over the past thirty years have shown that Quercetin can be effective against asthma / hay fever / eczema / hives / gout / pancreatisic and most important of all prostatitis and prostate cancer since most of the vitamins, minerals and antoxidant including Quercetin are located just beneath the skin of apples it is recommended to eat apples without pealing off the skin.

That is why an old proverb says an apple a day can keep the doctor away.

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